A Letter to Future Me

Writing a response letter to my future self.

Bill Holmes


Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

It was less than a week ago when I wrote and published my Medium story “A Letter from Future Me,” a creative response to a writing prompt about receiving a message from my future self.

As I originally mentioned in my article, it was a great experience to reflect upon who I am and to appreciate my life’s present journey.

Recently, I came across an almost similar exercise in 301 Writing Ideas: Creative Prompts to Inspire Prose:

Write a letter to your future self about how you currently feel and what you aspire to become.

Photo courtesy of the author via 301 Writing Ideas.

Wow! O-kay, taking into consideration my prior letter (and re-reading it again), I sat down and came up with the following response to the following prompt:

6 November 2023

Dear Mr. Holmes,

Thank you for that beautiful letter you composed and sent to me last week. I’m truly touched by your sentimental words that were shared from you to me. You don’t know how much I appreciate them.



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