My Favorite Quotes About Writing

A non-fiction response to a weekly writing prompt.

Bill Holmes
3 min readJan 8, 2023
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This story was inspired by a writing prompt published under Chelsea Marie’s Non-Fiction Writing Prompts — Week One | by Chelsea Marie | The Storyteller’s Vault | Jan, 2023 | Medium.

Do you have a favorite quote by your favorite author(s)?

There are many authors I admire and have read throughout my life. They’ve written and/or said some things that have inspired me, especially when it comes to the writing craft.

The following quotes, highlighted in bold, are my top three favorites:

“I don’t have the answers, not yet, but I do know this is certain; loving, running, and writing have one thing in common. The one who wins at any one of these is the one who does it on the days he doesn’t feel like doing it. The one who does it when it’s hard. The one who sweats through the difficult times and endures the pain: Those are the people who succeed.”

- Eric Jerome Dickey, Between Lovers

This is my personal favorite quote about writing from the late author who made his transition two years ago. Consistency is necessary for the achievement of any person’s goal. This is so applicable for me when it comes to my writing.



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