Journaling Prompt — Risk Taking

Don’t be afraid to take risks if you want to succeed in anything you do.

Bill Holmes
2 min readDec 26, 2021
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Write down your thoughts about the following sentences from Robert Greene’s Mastery:

“Think of yourself as an explorer. You cannot find anything new if you are unwilling to leave the shore.”

These words are resonating inside my spirit BIG TIME! They speak not only to my mindset, but also to my attitude about life and taking risks. Yes, it’s important for me to think and behave like an explorer whenever the opportunity presents itself to step outside my comfort zone to grow in various aspects of my life from learning how to prepare and cook a new recipe to being curious about discovering an additional source of income to enhance financial wealth.

As I’m journaling my thoughts, I’m thinking about some unaccomplished objectives I planned to complete in 2021. I started a few items but whatever reasons that occurred, I wasn’t consistent with my efforts to finish them. For example, I purchased an online course on Domestika about short story writing because I had a goal to create one every week. Although I watched the videos inside the course twice, I can count the number of tales I wrote on one hand and still have five fingers remaining. Nothing. Not one story.

Mindset and attitude are important, but so is execution, especially when it is consistent. Swimmers don’t learn how to swim by only wading their feet in the shallow end of the water. They must be courageous to take that plunge and immerse themselves into the deep end through repetitive and consistent practice of strokes to build strength and endurance. That metaphor is applicable to any and every aspect of life.

Photo courtesy of Jacub Gomez via Pexels.

I need to take risks if I want to enhance my personal growth and development. I’m not afraid to fail, but I hate making mistakes, and that’s alright. I’m determined to view them along with mistakes and obstacles as opportunities where I can improve my weaknesses.

Anywho, perhaps it’s not too late to start writing a new short story this week. As of today, 26 December 2021, there are less than six days remaining in this calendar year. It doesn’t matter if I finish the project or not; all that matters is that I begin.



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