Haiku/Affirmation: Jazz

A haiku and affirmation about how jazz music can influence a writer’s creativity.

Bill Holmes
Dec 18, 2021
Photo courtesy of Samuel Regan Asante via Unsplash


My mind travels to

uncharted places from a

saxophone solo.

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All rights reserved.

Listening to good music on a relaxing day has done wonders for my imagination. My musical genre of choice is jazz because there’s something so beautiful yet powerful the way the melodies can change a person’s mood. They’ve also impacted my thoughts leading to some ideas about my creative process when I step away from writing. When I return to sit down and start crafting new ideas or revisiting old ones, I feel rejuvenated and ready to explore where the flow will take me.

Today I will take a moment to spend time listening to some jazz and allow my mind to be receptive to any ideas that will help my creative process.



Bill Holmes

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