Gray Hairs

A haiku about aging.

Bill Holmes
2 min readJul 12, 2022


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Celebrating the

wisdom attained from living

this beautiful life.

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I dreaded the sight of my hair turning grey during my late thirties to mid-forties.

For me, they symbolized old age despite having my first one sprout from my scalp at 19. Although I’m 52, my mane’s color is still black, but more gray appears as it grows longer.

I have no desire to start coloring my hair nor shave my head bald. Truthfully speaking, I’m learning to accept and appreciate my gray hairs.

Aging is a part of the human life cycle, especially for those fortunate to grow older. Unfortunately, some people have difficulty accepting this fact. I’ll confess that I was one of those individuals up until I celebrated my 50th birthday in 2020.

The man I am today is grateful for and proud of the life I’ve led. Yes, I’ve made some mistakes and do have some regrets, but the positive always outweighs the negative.

I’m happy with the things I accomplished in my twenties through my forties including, but not limited to the following items:

· Exploring my creative endeavors through poetry and fiction

· Making beautiful, lifelong friends

· Becoming a homeowner for the first time

· Changing careers from accounting to mental health counseling

· Learning to manage major depressive disorder

· Surviving a suicide attempt.

I’m excited about what’s on the horizon in my fifties. If I’m fortunate to do so, I’m looking forward to seeing the following things happen:

· Spending quality time with my loved ones

· Traveling internationally to foreign countries once again

· Writing new literary works

· Meeting and falling in love with my soulmate

· Preparing for my retirement from the working world.

Gray hairs and all.



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